Safety Tips for Camping in Tampa

It’s no secret that camping can be a lot of fun, from the wooded areas that surround Florida, to the gorgeous waterways that wind in and out of the state. In fact, there are even some great camping spots located on the beach, too, like the St. Petersburg/Madeira Beach area. However, there’s more to camping than just great scenery. Safety is one of the most important aspects of taking a camping trip, especially when you’re camping in an area that is known to have large wildlife. When you’re picking out your Tampa, FL tent rental and other supplies, you should always make sure you have safety on your mind.

One of the most important aspects of safety that should always be followed is the practice of storing all food items in a separate location from your Tampa, FL, tent rental. Food that is kept too close to the campsite only invites wildlife native to Florida, like bears and raccoons, to come directly up to the tents. Always take the time to explain to children why they aren’t allowed to keep snacks inside of their tents so that no one tries to sneak anything in, because doing so can have negative repercussions on the entire camping group.

In addition to providing regular camping tents, most Tampa, FL, tent rental services can also help campers find the perfect screen tent to set up, as well. Eating inside of a screen tent is a very handy way to prevent mosquito and gnat bites, both of which are especially bad in Florida during the rainy season. Flying insects are usually the worst at dusk, which is why it’s usually a good idea to stay inside the screen room during that time. Combined with an insect repellant spray, screen rooms can usually help make the camping trip a lot more comfortable on everyone.

Before leaving to take back your Tampa, FL, tent rental supplies, it’s very important to make sure that you take the time to pick up all trash that has accumulated during the camping trip. Leaving behind waste, like plastic bottle connectors, can harm the native wildlife. For example, birds, like the cranes that can found throughout the entire state of Florida, are especially vulnerable to human waste products. Most of the time, designated camping areas will make sure that trash receptacles are available throughout the park, which leaves little excuse not to dispose of everything.

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