Month: September 2016

The Perfect Time to Visit Lake Tahoe

As the winter snow melts away and the temperatures start to rise in Lake Tahoe, it’s perfect time for a weekend getaway. Ditch those snow boots, grab the fishing poles, and enjoy a fun filled long weekend at the lake this time of year. 1. Boating There’s no better way to welcome summer than by [Continue]

Interested in Adventure Tours?

While it used to be that people visit other places to marvel at the sites, taste exotic food, and somehow learn a thing or two about a foreign culture, a new breed of travelers have added a somewhat novel reason: adventure. Some travelers are not contented with just admiring the sights and sounds of wherever [Continue]

Tips for Riding in the French Alps

So you would like to experience riding in the mountains maybe you have just watched the Tour de France and been amazed by the alpine scenery, or perhaps you have just always wanted to test yourself up Alpe D’Huez. The following tips will ensure that you can plan ahead to get the most out of [Continue]

Safety Tips for Camping in Tampa

It’s no secret that camping can be a lot of fun, from the wooded areas that surround Florida, to the gorgeous waterways that wind in and out of the state. In fact, there are even some great camping spots located on the beach, too, like the St. Petersburg/Madeira Beach area. However, there’s more to camping [Continue]

3 Season Sleeping Bags, 7 Little Tips

With so many different 3 season sleeping bags to choose from, its can become confusing trying to make sense of it all. With this short article we have prepared a list of some things to keep it simple when choosing your sleeping bag. 1. Temperature Rating: Look for a bag that is rated at LEAST [Continue]

The magnitude of travelling Buzios carnival

The Buzios carnival is really a gala occasion. To visit Buzios is sometimes to visit the carnival and soak up the colorful excitement on the juncture. Now, let us imagine about the grandness part. Should you are thinking that the relevance from the Buzios carnival is merely a colorful celebratory occasion, then of course you’re [Continue]

Reasons to take a Wildlife Conservation Trip

A wildlife conservation trip is a great way to combine a very worthwhile cause with some life changing adventure. Working with animals overseas is not only for the young but also the young at heart, who said that saving the planet can only be reserved for the youth. So are you planning your next big [Continue]

The Best of Outdoor Camping Stoves

Young or old, camping is a timeless excursion back to where the roaring campfire means not just heat, but stories of yesterday, today, tomorrow and cooking. Bad weather, drop your meal into the fire, and overcooking is some disadvantages of an open campfire used for cooking. Using a camping stove is much safer than cooking [Continue]